At Sota Construction Services, we approach our work with a firm commitment to what we call Total Quality Construction.™ As a contractor, we aspire to fulfill the role of 'the hand that feeds back to the mind.' We do so through clear and consistent communication with each project's architect and owner. Key to our success is early implementation of this communication, beginning in the pre-construction phases and continuing through a project's duration. Just as many major manufacturing companies use total quality management and team-building approaches to rebuild their industries and improve overall quality, so must the construction industry embrace these principles in order to provide the best possible product for their clients.

The graph below illustrates how construction projects benefit from the Total Quality Construction approach.


The following quote serves as a guide for success in all aspects of our work: 'For quality programs to succeed, they must begin with a return to basics. This starts with the formation of a project team, one in which the owner's interests are the interests of all involved. By satisfying the owner's needs, all other team members in turn reach their individual goals.'

— Quote and graph information from

Engineered Quality in Construction

by Michael T. Kubal

Sota Construction Services Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer.