Sota Construction Carnegie Retirement Residence

The Hecky Group

Rodriguez Associates

Sota Construction Services served as the general contractor on this project, a 59-unit apartment building for seniors.

Sota provided extensive exploratory services and value engineering that resulted in the substantial renovation to be completed with less than 1/2% in unforeseen change orders.

Numerous unique challenges were faced on this project, including in-filling the entire first floor to raise it 18 inches, filling an existing 10-foot-deep swimming pool, and lowering a central courtyard to improve access. Approximately 100 door openings were cut through 2-foot thick terra-cotta walls.

Our goal of making this a greener project was accomplished through the use of low-voc paints and adhesives, and the recycling of job site cardboard, steel, cast iron, and wood trim. The walls and and roof were insulated to significantly improve R-Values, and a SEMCO
air-to-air heat exchanger was installed, providing both reduced annual operating cost and fresher
air for the residents.

The project received the Gold Medal National Award for best senior housing renovation project for 1995 from the National Association of Home Builders.