Sota Construction Allegheny Hills Retirement Residence

Thoughtful Balance

a.m. Rodriguez Associates, inc.

East Brady Partners

This 69,000 square foot, 79 unit, independent living facility was completely renovated while occupied. This HUD 202 Section 8 building was refinanced using funding from Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency, Affordable Housing Tax Credits and the United States Department of Agriculture rural homes program.

The building built in the mid 1970's had many of its mechanical electrical systems near failure and energy costs were in increasing concern to the building's management. The thermal envelope was improved significantly with additional insulation at the roof and side walls, along with new energy efficient windows.

The mechanical system was completely replaced with a high efficiency water source heat pump system along with energy efficient lighting. Healthier building materials were also used as a part of the project along with increased fresh air. A greenhouse was installed to bring in additional fresh air and light to the commons space.

The resultant improvements have reduced energy comsumption in the building by 60%.