Sota Construction Vincentian Collaborative System Administrative Building

FortyEight Architecture (formerly known as dggp)

Vincentian Collaborative System

This 15,000 s.f. office building is constructed on 1.5 acres in McCandless and serves as space for the corporate offices and administration staff. It emphasizes a work environment that connects to the outside (views, defined outdoor spaces, etc.) and the inclusion of nature/natural elements within the building.

This project included substantial site preparation. The storm water management system for this site is designed to collect, distribute, and clean storm water through a series of rain gardens and bio-retention areas. The end result is clean water that is discharged back into the local tributary with no need for municipal treatment.

The building structure is a combination of wood-framed and steel-framed structure. The building also incoporates numerous green features including: energy efficient aluminum clad wood windows, high efficiency HVAC equipment, recycled content materials and low VOC paints, adhesives, and sealers that were used throughout.