Sota Construction Windom Hill Place


Windom Hill Place - your Window on the World

Designed by one of Pittsburgh's leading award winning Architects STRADA LLC - Windom Hill Place combines exciting design and energy efficiency with world class views of Pittsburgh's skyline.

Inspired by the hillside homes of Prague and Buda-Pest by Architect Adolph Loos and the work of California homes by Rudolph Schindler these homes will become an instant Pittsburgh classic.

Very high quality materials have been used througout.  The structure of the homes is Insulated Concrete Form see  The homes were built through an Energy Star Partnership and have been certified at a level that achieves significant reduction in energy use.

The project involved installation of a reinforced soil slope wall along with a soldier beam and rock anchor retaining wall as well as signficant utility installation to serve the new homes. 

The exterior of the homes includes cast stone and custom fabricated kynar finish aluminum panels using a flatlock pattern.

The homes were featured in an article about Pittsburgh's South Side slopes in the New York Times.

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