Sota Construction Pittsburgh's Grand Hall at the Priory

Landmarks Design Associates

Historic St. Mary's Inc.

This vintage 1854 church was abandoned for over 15 years and had suffered severe water damage to both its decorated interior finishes and its exterior masonry. An additional challenge was modernizing the mechanical and electrical systems so that this former church could be used as a banquet and business meeting facility.

Sota Construction Services was selected as part of the team early in the design development of this project.

The complete renovation included:

  • Installation of new HVAC, mechanical, and electrical systems without damage to the building's ornate finishes.
  •  Construction of a commercial kitchen, rest rooms, and other support systems to accommodate parties of up to 550 people.
  • Complete restoration of all deteriorated plaster, woodwork, stenciling, and gold and silver leaf elements.
  • Installation of new custom doors and millwork.
  • Restoration of exterior terra cotta and masonry.

The work was completed on a fast-track phased basis. Substantial completion was delivered 10 weeks after mechanical electrical systems were designed.

This project has received national recognition for its sensitive adaptive reuse of a historic structure.