Sota Construction Corporate Offices

Sota Construction Services, Inc. main office features centuries old building techniques using natural materials such as cobb (clay, sand and straw) and straw bale. Both inside and outside of the straw bales have the same type and thickness of finish.  Two sprayed clay base coats were applied to cover the mesh and straw, two troweled scratch coats, and finally two troweled brown coats.  The lime coat finish was also two coats.

Also featured in the building are state-of-the-art HVAC systems using ground coupled radiant heating and cooling. The use of radiant energy vastly reduces the amount of air movement required as in a typical VAV system and contributes to better health and comfort of the occupants. This system worked very well through the recent hot summer and provides for a very quiet even temperature since there is no constant large air volume moving in the building. The building uses 65% less energy than similarly sized office buildings.

Some of the other sustainable features are native plantings meadow, best management practices, daylighting and views, and reuse of materials where possible, including all the office doors, which another office had planned to dispose of.

The intent is to reduce both embodied and operating energy to a great extent. The building recently received a coveted LEED Platinum rating. At this time, there is not another office building on the East Coast featuring all these unique green features.

The Sota Construction Office Building embodies a new view of civilization for the 21st century as expressed by Soichiro Fukutake, president of the Benesse Corporation: "Use what exists to create what is to be."

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Sota Construction Services Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer.